Hoogstraat 85 3131 BM Vlaardingen
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tuesday    13.00 - 17.30 uur
wednesday    10.00 - 17.30 uur
thursday    10.00 - 17.30 uur
friday    10.00 - 17.30 uur
saturday  10.00 - 17.00 uur

After finishing his education at "de vakschool" in schoonhoven Werner Nijman has worked as a silversmith in Londen at Wakely and Wheeler's ( Mappin and Webb, Harrods and Asprey 's) Since 1990 established in Rotterdam and specialised in making and restoring silverwork. In 2004 Werner has moved to A small town near Rotterdam ; Vlaardingen.

atelier zilversmederij photo of the workshop around 1990 in Rotterdam

goud en zilvermeden

De Vereniging Goud- en Zilversmeden.society of gold- and silversmiths this logo stands for quality and relyability.

hallmark werner nijman Since the middle ages we find makers marks on objects of precious metal. the maker mark shows who is responsible for making an object. The mark must have the initials of the maker and a special mark so each mark is different.more information at the dutch assay office.